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Japanese Candy of the Night: Drugs!

In Japan, they teach their kids that drugs are good for them. No, seriously, it seems they do. Tonight's candy is packaged in a drug bottle. (Side, back.) This container could easily pass for an aspirin bottle, except that there are cute cartoon animals on it.

I was very sad to see that by opening the container, I ruined it. The cute animals are actually only on the plastic wrapping, so when you open it you're left with a plain bottle.

Don't believe that this is actually packaged like drugs are? How about this? When you unscrew the top, there's a "seal", and when you break the seal, there's not cotton but plastic that acts just like cotton. You need to fish the edge out, then pull and pull and pull until it's all out.

And what's inside? Well, at least they're not pill shaped! They look like little sweet-tart type things. Though they're lemon flavored, I'm hoping that this won't be a repeat of the Pledge candy.


It's crunchy in a way that no American candy would be. It's like ... eating... aie, my mouth! The lemon flavor starts out not too bad, but after you chew it and swallow it, it becomes like lemon-fire. Wow, my mouth. Eee. Anyway, the crunchiness, it's like a cross between chewing egg shells and plastic. It doesn't feel right, and the candy doesn't break up right in your mouth. And wow, the lemon. Very, very lemony.

While trying to decide if I should eat a second one to make sure I'm right about the flavor, I'm checking out their shapes. Looks like I have a monkey and a lion here. Checking the bottle, it appears there are also cows and penguins and very cute little puppies.

So what score does this get? Since I have no kids and don't have to worry about them thinking that drugs are candy, I'll give them a Nemo/10 (that's 7/10.) The candy is strong, and the texture evil, but I love the packaging and the cute animals, so it gains a lot of points for that. And the candies are in cute shapes, too. Even though I won't eat any more of these, I like it. Once I'm finished writing this up and editing the photos, I intend to tape the plastic wrapper back on so I can display the package.
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