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laurelwood's Friday Five

laurelwood made up her own list of five questions and asked her friends to answer them, so here are my replies. Questions like these too clearly show what a boring person I am...

1) If you could go (back to) college and take a full courseload of anything you wanted (and didn't have to support yourself or have any other outside responsibilities), what classes would you take?

Something I could support myself after college with! Not even a second thought about that. I ended up with a psych major by default -- I waited so long to pick one (because I couldn't decide and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life), I had to take the one with the lowest credit requirement so I could finish in four years (this was back in the day when everyone graduated in four years, five really wasn't even an option for full time folks).

Even with what's happened to the industry, I'd like to have taken programming or network admin classes. And heck, if I had graduated with one of those, I would have been one of the millionaires the boom made, I wouldn't have came into it in the tail end like I did in reality. *sigh*

2) Virtually all of you are gifted writers. Name something else you're good at.

(This will really give my dullness away.) I'm good at organizing, running, and remembering things. I like getting the things in and out on time, and nothing will stop me or make things late! I think to some extent I make a good leader, though probably one who micro-manages a little too much.

Yes, I often identify with Percy.

3) Describe an eccentric family member, neighbor, or friend.

Eh. If you asked any of my family members, neighbors, or friends, that would probably be me. :} Everything from never having eaten common foods in my whole life, to the extent I will rely only on myself, to my, eh, obsession in doing things *exactly* at the same time every day (every weekday at 7:07 I will be sitting down to blow dry my hair. Every weekday at 11:36 I go to lunch.).

My family is pretty darned boring for the most part, so I especially stand out.

4) What was your best road trip?

My best road trip never happened, alas. When I moved from NY to CA, I was dead set on driving. My mother was worried sick at the idea, and even offered to pay to move me if I'd fly. I flew for her, but didn't take her up on the money end. Driving would have been hard, with my computer and my cat, but I think it would have been a ton of fun and a great experience.

5) What book are you proudest about having slogged through- whether as a student or "just for character-building purposes"?

This one was hard, and I don't really have an answer for it. I like most books I read (and all the ones I had to read for school), and anything I didn't like I just stopped reading... so I don't have an answer!
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