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Laundry Machine Terrorist

Usually on Friday night I have whatever I want and how much ever I want for dinner -- sort of a reward for surviving another week at work. Dinner was sort of lacking tonight, so since I wasn't in a food coma I did my laundry tonight instead of getting up to do it early tomorrow morning. Hate lugging laundry across the complex; hate lugging wet laundry back to my apartment. But it's all done! Four loads, yay not needing to do it again for a couple weeks.

One day I'll get machines of my own, oh yes I will. And then the world had better watch out! There will be suds and quarters and water everywhere! And I will laugh and laugh and laugh!

Ahem. Well, that leads to:

What Type of Villain are You?

And *that* leads to what I'm watching now. An ex-con comedian. It's really funny watching him make all the men twitch at the thought of being the small, weak guy in a cell full of big, dangerous, interested men. Heh heh heh.
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