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This is just a test, if this was a real post, actual content would follow...

If anyone sees anything besides "test" below, please please please leave me a comment.

Someone claimed that he was seeing a gross image, which (since I don't post gross stuff) would likely be my anti-leech script -- which shouldn't be triggered by anything on LJ.

So if you see anything besides 'Test' above, please leave me a comment and let me know if you're looking at this page through some non-normal browser, a proxy, a client, or anything else that might effect these things.


Edited to add: I think the issue has to do with the - in my username. While "*livejournal*" should be permitted to get an image from catlove, '' is having a problem. (LJ changes all dashes into underscores.) '' has no problem. So hm, how to fix this...

Another ETA: *&*&^&#!&$ Stupid thing. I just turned off all hotlink protection. As far as I can tell, any "" format randomly triggers the anti-leech script. Mutter, mutter, mutter.
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