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Well thank god...

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So Friday night I got Chinese, but it wasn't too enjoyable. (Meatless fried rice, plain low mein (mien?). *yawn*) Ate leftovers from it for lunch and dinner today. Continued not to be very satisfying. Around it I ate popcorn and some chips. The low m(ei|ie)n was really greasy, so I still probably had more calories than I wanted, even though I didn't enjoy the food. Sucky.

Tomorrow I'll have more of the fried rice to eat, and I'll probably make egg/cheese as the other meal of the day. I think I'm almost at a week of this (just checked, yep, tomorrow is a week). I certainly don't feel any worse, but I don't think I can claim to feel (physically) any better either -- except in one way: In general, I've been eating less, either until I'm full or until I'm just not hungry anymore. Other than one night when I got pizza, I haven't eaten to the so-full-I-want-to-vomit/not-move point. That's actually a nice thing... though I am really hungry now. That's my fault though, as I'm doing the sucky-weekend-eating thing.

Hungry, hungry.
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