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Nope, nothing better to do with my hands... except eat.

wikdsushi made Slash hand signals.

mctabby followed up with HP fandom hand signals.

And now femmequixotic has made Snapish Hand Signals! Totally Snapey. Mmm.


Salads for lunch are getting boring. I need to buy some un-moldy bread so I can make some PB&Js sometimes. And I think In&Out sells grilled cheese, that might make a nice change.

I wasn't good about trying veggies this weekend. My fried rice had all sorts of stuff in it (pea pods, water chestnuts (name?), broccoli, and other things), but I was grumpy and didn't try anything, just picked it out.

Other than salad/lunch, I find myself filling the meat-hole (, that sounds wrong...) with cheese and pasta. That's not my intent, I need to work on that still. Salad also makes a rather sucky lunch. A half-hour later and I'm hungry again. Maybe I should bring the rest of it back to work with me (I never eat even half of it) and finish it later... Luckily I have lots of fruit.
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