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Oh! OH! How could I forget? (Dream, Peter)

I meant to post this first thing, and yet I almost totally forgot it.

While I didn't hardly sleep at all last night, I slept enough to have a dream. In a way it was a good dream (about HP! Yay!), but the content of it was depressing as hell.

At first it started with me and three other people dressing up as James, Sirius, Lupin, and Peter, but in almost no time we actually were the four of them. I was Peter (yay!), and boy was Sirius a total asshole. There was some deadly spider near where I had to sleep, so (reasonably) I didn't want to sleep there. We had to go to see the school nurse the next day, and Sirius was making jokes about me dying of fright about that before the spider could even kill me. Then something big and bad happened (like the whole school blew up) and we all had to live/sleep outside, and idiot Sirius convinced the others to go off and leave me alone to sleep in the snow.

Even before OotP, I disliked Sirius. After OotP, I hated him. While there are a few characters I don't like (not dislike, just not like), he (and James) are really the only two characters I hate. He gets under my skin. He's the big tough jock (bully) who struts through high school like he owns the place, and others buy into his illusions and fawn over him. Mutter. The dream was so sad, having your best friends turn on you so easily. Gave me that stomach-sinking, empty feeling. Stupid Sirius.
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