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Bad fic, bad fic, whatcha gonna do?

Title: Long Time I No Had Hash Browns
Entire summary: Harry what?

For some odd reason, I was driven to click the link. Only a teenager would use this description for pants:

Not quite sure if she was supposed to be in [school] uniform over the summer, she sot off to the dresser. There she found only dresses and skirts, and what seemed to be black McDonald's work pants with the creases down the front.

The character's name is amusing: Jaba-- eh, Jada.

Jada in McDonalds worker pants not your cup of tea? How about some of this?

Summary: Draco has a soft spot(!) for a certain someone. She's an American exchange student who's made her way to Hogwarts.
Cleverly titled: Draco and Me

Sample from it:

The next day a man cam through my fireplace! Who is this strange (yet very sexy) young man standing in front of me? His hair was a silver-blond, much like the owl.

Mr. Malfoy, Lucius, looked me over, said, "Hmmmm. American? We may have to visit the land of the free and the home of the beautiful,"


While I am partially mocking these, in some ways they're sort of cute as well. I looked at the first title 'Long Time I No Had Hash Browns' for long minutes, trying to figure out if there was a typo in there or if it had some meaning I was missing.
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