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Japanese Candy of the Night: Chocolate Mushroom Cookies!

I'm in the mood for chocolate. I have a bag full of candy sitting next to my desk. Seems a perfect situation, no? Well, considering my previous encounters with Japanese chocolates, you can understand my hesitation at expecting a good treat from the candy bag.

But chocolate is what I want, and so chocolate is what I'm going to have! Um, chocolate covered mushrooms? Part of the reason I bought it is because it looked so cute. Little chocolate mushrooms! Eee! The other part of the reason is that there is an ingredient list in English on the back, so I can say for certain that there are in fact no mushrooms in this. (Whew!) The only thing on the list that I didn't recognize is "shea nut oil", but hopefully that is harmless.

I hate to open the box along the perforations, as that ruins it, but I did so. Inside is a foil package with some kind of design. (Yes, once it's rightside up it's much easier to tell what the art is supposed to represent.)

Opening the package... wow, they are really cute. Lots of little "mushrooms"! It looks like the "stalk" part is cookie, and the top part is chocolate. I'd bite into one without hesitation if on the back of the box it didn't show the chocolate cap as having some sort of filling...

Hm. Well, the photos are downloading and they do smell okay (like real chocolate, not like the usual burnt-oil Japanese chocolate), so I guess I need to try one! They are very cute, I almost feel guilty eating one. Also, each little mushroom is surprisingly heavy.

Hm, they don't seem to have any filling, what's shown on the box must be the top of the cookie stalk. I have to say, they're really not bad at all. I'm eating them one after another as I type this. The chocolate is a *tad* less sweet than normal American chocolate, but that's really fine. There's a tiny bitter aftertaste, but that's really not so bad either.

Folks, we have a winner here! Not only do these mushroom cookies come in a cute box and ... wow, I got a funky tasting one. That's one thing I've found in these experimental tastings: You don't get variations in taste in American products -- every single Oreo I've ever eaten tasted exactly like the others. Not so in Japanese candies and cookies.

Anyway, these mushroom cookies get a 10/10. I'm going to eat as many of them as I want now (it's a giant package of them, three servings) and finish the rest when I want more. These go onto the (short) list with (...bah, another off-tasting one...) Cream Collon as candies/cookies I'd recommend buying and trying!
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