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Summaries the owls refused to bring...

More ChapterOwl fun. I keep falling behind on reading these, so we have a lot of "good" ones tonight.

The first one sets the tone for the rest of the post:

A Post-Hogwarts fic that has Harry and Ron going on a adventure with a thousand drugs.

Features a corned beef eating!

Dumbledore is an old yittish woman called the Matchmaker.

this story doesn't have much of a point...

Always a big selling point:
Look for dialog in the new chapter

Stop reading at this point if you wish to keep your brain in one piece. No logic beyond this point.

Drucila Weasley, cousin to Ronald and the others is coming to Hogwarts. Placed in Harry's sixth year. She comes from Durmstrang and she is absolutely disgusted by Harry Potter. All seems well on the train until they get a message that Hogwarts has collapsed. How did it happen? Where will they stay? What house will Dru be in?

Ginny loves Harry, but Harry is gay. So what does Ginny do? Sleeps with anyone she can get her hands on.

Harry finally comes round and realises Snape is indeed his father. What now? Dumbledore has a plan but how does Harry feel about becoming Salazar Snape?

When a new charcater comes to Hogwarts, some things are changed around. Young, smart, and a genius, Artemis Riddle is transferred.

Title: An Unnamed Ending for the Whole Series
Summary: This is the ending to the entire series. It is actually good, even though it does not have a proper title. Anyways, it's about the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort.

a new evil mastermind is afoot....join Harry, Draco and eight other members of Hogwarts as they venture through hikari island.

So join me and the entire Hogwarts student body of ten people in fleeing these fics.
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