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On Houses...

isiscolo just wrote up a little post about the school houses of the HP world, and, well, it's sort of prompting me to make a confession.

I think if I was really sorted, I'd be a Hufflepuff.

This really bugs me, as I find them boring as heck... plus I just love Slytherin... but... How can I deny the evidence? I've been headwiz on a MUSH for 4+ years. That's utterly payless, thankless seven-days-a-week work, often more hours put in there than I put in at my RL job. I *feel good* when I'm doing hard work for others. Example: Modding HP100 is a pain in the butt, and I put a whole lot more time into it than I expected to, but I *like* doing the work so that others can have fun.

How Hufflepuffian is that?

However there is a (smaller) element of Slytherin to me. I can and will do, um, (for lack of a better term) "underhanded" things when need be. Unfortunately, I just think my Hufflepuff characteristics outweigh my Slytherin ones. *sigh*
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