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Hooch, this is everyone. Everyone, meet Hooch.

I never had to name a computer before, but since this one wanted one, I picked something HP-ish without being too obvious about it. Hooch! And heh, it's a HP computer (brand name) with a HP (Harry Potter) name.

So yeah, I've had the new computer for about five hours now, and I've had to wait this long to type up a post in fear of bitching too much.

At work I sometimes have to use XP, usually only for a few minutes at a time. Even with that little bit of exposure, I hated XP. But what do all new computers come with? XP. I was already paying $1,300 for the computer alone, I didn't want to throw in $150 more for Windows 2000 to be installed, even though I love 2000. I told myself I'd get used to XP. Well, hopefully I will before it kills me.

I was really really tempted at a computer case with a glass window, three fans, and a neon light ($160), but since Hooch was to live under my desk, I resisted. (That and I was trying to keep the cost down.)

So I got Hooch home and set her up. Pretty easy, even with the addition of an AB switch (so I could run the old computer at the same time as Hooch). I was surprised how easy it was. Happily surprised.

Then I turned the computer on, and because XP assumes its users have the intelligence of damp rocks, it walked me through every step by tiny baby step (XP: do you hear music now? Do you see the color red? Are you breathing?). This treating-the-user-like-an-idiot policy is supposed to make things easier, right? Well I didn't hear music in the music test, but my speakers were working so I passed by their offer of help and just continued with the setup. The speakers turned out to be fine, once I was done with the setup, it played music. Thanks for your "help", XP!

Unfortunately, that was only the start of the trouble. I won't go into details (I was attempting to keep this post as bitch-free as possible), but it took me four hours to install three programs.

Bad stats:
- Number of blue screens in one evening: three (once a month was my norm on my NT computer)
- My touchpad had been working for a time on XP, now it doesn't for some reason. Mouse is killing my wrist.
- For some unknown reason, all my icons are suddenly turned into the default "no icon" icon. XP really and seriously does things on its own, for no reason.

Good things:
- Music/sound on a computer is really, really nice.
- Um... the computer is a lot smaller than my last one? Looks sort of cool, too.
- (To be fair, I can't test out the good things yet because I can't get anything installed. It has a massive memory and it's supposed to be fast.)

I know a lot of people are fine and happy using XP. Hopefully sooner or later I'll get used to it as well. (Darned windows look different! And why the hell are you assuming I am an idiot? Stop hiding things from me!)

Oh! My salesman was fun. Once he saw I was really buying a computer, he pushed my cart all around the store with me as I picked up other things, like speakers and some software and stuff. He was an older man, just moved to CA about four months ago. While he talked down to me a little, I sort of expected it; 1) I'm not anything even close to a hardware expert, and 2) I'm a girl! Ha ha! We need all the help we can get from big, smart, wise men! But seriously, while I know he stuck with me just to protect his commission on the computer sale, it was fun having someone walk with me and push the cart for me.
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