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Sunny Saturday Morning

I'm happier with things (computer-things, that is) this morning. I found a setting that will stop making XP windows look like, well, XP windows. Yay normal looking windows!

I'm getting more and more of the things I need moved/installed over here on Hooch.

XP only blue screened once so far in almost four hours.

Moving things from one computer to the other using only normal floppy disks is *painful*. I asked the salesguy last night about a cable or something so I could copy things over. He said no such thing existed, that there was no way it could be done... but the service department could do it for me! (Wow, the service department can do things that can't be done?) I recall tersa telling me there was some kind of cable I could get to do that. Hopefully she'll remind me, as I've forgotten what the name of it is. :)

Hooch is short enough to make a nice footrest. The old computer was way too tall.

I'm slowly working through LJ friends post, but I still have about 100 to look at. (That's in less than 24 hours of not checking!) Haven't even touched mail yet, so replying to comments and such will come later.

Oh, and I got my touchpad to sort of work on Hooch. Better a sort-of working touchpad than a mouse! (Much easier on my hand/wrist.)

Funny how much (for me) moving to a new computer is like moving into a new apartment. There's that same panic/distress at everything not being exactly where I want/expect it to be.

It's odd/nice to have a computer that actually makes sounds, though after four years of a silent computer they seem sort of random. (Programs I used forever are now suddenly giving me beeps and boops and bops and bings.) I'm looking forward to downloading some movies or music or something.
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