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It's like being online for the first time all over again!

*hugs Hooch!*

Downloaded and watched Spirited Away. Never saw it before. Got to see it with surround sound. Saw it with a better quality than my TV could ever match. Mmmm!

While I was watching that, downloaded four whole CDs of FFX music! YAY! (Hm, the music seems to have a lot of skips/rough spots. Wonder if it's on my end or the original file...)

I finally caught up with the world and am working towards a computer full of illegal stuff. :)

Still trying to download Pirates of the Caribbean, but that's taking forever (only 60 more hours to go!), and Photoshop (27 more hours). I have a fast connection, but the slowness is the other people. Or something like that.

*This* is why I wanted a new computer. Yay!

Edited to add: Eee! I forgot how cool the final battle/Jecht's sin theme is! I can't wait to listen to it tomorrow at a normal hour, so I can turn it way up.
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