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I gave in.

First off, damn LJ lost my post! Every time I try to post, I get 'server not found' *&$$*&&!! errors. This time it lost my post, I couldn't use 'back' to get back to it and try to post it again. GRRR.

Let's type this up a second time, because I have nothing better to do!

After resisting Kingdom Hearts for as long as its been out, I finally gave in and ordered it (and the guidebook). I really don't have time to play it, but... but... it looks so good! And it has FFX and other interesting-looking characters in it! This is totally kuruma's fault for linking to that movie. :)

Hurry, Amazon, send me my game!

Now the question is, how long till I give in and get a Gamecube so I can try Animal Crossing?
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