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Processed Cheese Veggie Soup

A few days ago, I posted about my recipe for veggie soup with processed cheese. Quite excitedly (see, I never learn that 'Thistle can't cool' lesson) I started it in the crock pot this morning. Eight hours later, I was dishing it out for dinner.

While it smelled good, it looked... well, not unlike vomit*. Since it was dinner, I tried it. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't really good either. The cheese was pretty icky in taste, and made these "globs" in the soup. Between that and the two cans of creamed corn, it was really nasty in texture. I ate maybe five or six spoonfuls, then threw the rest of the pot out (the recipe made about ten bowls, so I was sad about this).

I think it would have been better with just the vegetable broth and potatoes, nothing else. Well, actually the carrots weren't bad either. The corn didn't work and the cheese was yucky.

Oh well, maybe next time!

* Photo taken and downloaded/resized/uploaded mostly just to test out the process on the new machine... but you can enjoy the photo of yucky-looking soup anyway!
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