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ChapterOwls are filling up my box faster than I can keep up with them. Here are a few lines that caught my eye:

Hermione's staying at the Burrow and sees some R-rated stuff. She likes it, and wants it bad.


A bunch of the characters chugged twenty cans of Mountain Dew, and they're all really hyper.

And just how many things are wrong with this one?
When Lucius Malfoy decides that hiring maids rather than house-elves would better promote the family wealth and prominence, Ginny Weasley can't help being attracted to the high-paying job.

Moving on...

fic includes: Dancing!Draco

Neville's star struck with the girl holding a gun to his head

Features a door-to-door pinecone salesman, an insane girl with a really fake French accent, a stuffed banana, and pickle. Yes, pickles. Lots and lots of pickles... I suppose this could be considered AU

Harry comes home and sits in solitude for three days, and on the third day, he starts thinking, and his thoughts can't be good.

And lastly:

Dobby has just done a bad thing, a very bad thing. Dobby has broken the trust of his master. Dobby has told Harry Potter his master's secret. Dobby MUST punish himself.

Dobby wants to use the Mandrake's voice to punish himself. But the Mandrake doesn't see the need for Dobby to be punished.

*warning. Slash.*
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