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Back to work...

While I dread going back to work, it's probably for the best. All I've eaten in the last four days was popcorn, pasta, and a bit of chocolate (we won't mention the vomit vegetable soup). Heck, I haven't even eaten much pasta -- it's no wonder almost all of my popcorn is gone. But now I'm really rather hungry for other things, so it'll be good that I'm getting out of the apartment.

The computer still sucks. (Yes, we all needed images of Hooch sucking, right?) Crashes 3-5 times a day, every day. My old NT machine stayed up for a week at a time on a very regular basis, I was hoping for better with the new machine. If I had known what I was getting into, I'd have ... well, paid the $100-something for 2000 instead of XP. :P I have so much stuff installed now (my computer is almost back to "normal", at least program-wise. All my image and text files and all that are still on the NT machine), I hate to delete it all and install a new OS.

I finally got a HP100 story out. (These are getting harder and harder to be inspired for; I hope alongtheway takes her mod duties back soon. I see she's posting on a daily basis...) However, I like this one -- it's one of my favorite drabbles I've written. (But then I love creation myths too, so...)

For the "write about owls" challenge:

Title: How Owl Got His Job
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: I did this in a sort of creation myth form. Hopefully it works.

The First Witch knew there would eventually be others; some form of long distance communication was needed. She called upon various animals of the land, to test them for the job.

Dog came first, eager and happy to take on the task, but his drool made the ink run. He was turned down.

Horse, already a partner of man, came next. His manure created a problem...

Cat wanted the status and honor, but not the work. She was too easily distracted (and wouldn't cross any water, or carry letters when it rained).

When Owl arrived, the First Witch knew she found just the right animal.
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