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If I owned my own company...

...I'd be a mean person and probably get sued. Why? Because I wouldn't hire anyone who smokes or has kids.

At every job I've ever held, smokers have had free rein. Not only can they take breaks as they wish (which usually meant 10-15 minutes of break for every hour or so), they cluster around doorways and other exits, so your first breath of "fresh air" as you leave the building smells awful. Here in this job, the elevator is literally one step from the door into the building. As far as I can tell, the smokers inhale, toss out their cigarettes (onto the ground), step into the building and into the elevator, then exhale. The elevator *reeks* of cigarette smoke. Grr.

And okay, not all parents are bad about this, but I'm tired of picking up the slack for the ones who are. Co-worker is home with a sick kid. She's "working from home" which is all well and good, other than our job is to answer the phone which she cannot do from home. So *I* get to do twice the work because she's home with a sick kid. And, since I don't have any spawn, it's not like we'll ever make this difference up...

Le sigh.

Grumpy morning. Bitch, bitch, bitch. It's hard getting back into the swing of not enough sleep.
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