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That's my Bush!

Wow, a quiz with no giant graphic? What's this world coming to?

Your Bush is the VILLAGE IDIOT!

For you, all of Bush's antics have one simple
explanation: He's dumber than a bag of hammers.
The lights are on but there's no one home,
and he's got nothing but toys in the
attic. He got almost-elected on the strength of
his face and his last name, and all the hell of
the past 3 years is just what happens when a
man with the intellectual capacity of a
hormone-mad goat is at the helm of the most
powerful nation in the world.

That's Your Bush!
brought to you by Quizilla

And speaking of village idiots, stupid co-worker is not here yet. 8:15. Our day starts at 8. I get here at 7:30. You'd think she could get here somewhere near on time... And she better be here today. Grrr.

And one more note on village idiots: Perhaps in the future I will remember that when I spent the last four days with "tummy troubles", that starting Monday morning with a fast food egg breakfast sandwich is NOT NOT NOT a good idea. Whine. Stomach is gurgling in a most unhappy way.

Chia (Fuzzy_bottom), who just has a way of finding sexy men, stumbled upon a perfect picture for the character I mentioned in last night's post. Right here. If only he was five or so years younger... Mmm.

ETA: No remote linking on the picture. Just copy and paste URL.
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