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Peter is one of my favorite characters, quite firmly in the top three. However, when it's done well, I don't really mind it when someone tortures the poor guy. dipping_sauce wrote a short little thing, Peter and the Wolf , which made me grin toothily.

Things done at lunchtime
Filled car up with gas
Got car washed
Cleaned the catbox (yuck)
Took out all trash in the apartment, including from the catbox

Things not done at lunchtime
Eat lunch

Hungry is I. I have an apple to eat, but I'm saving it for later. Three hours left of work, and I'm going to get hungrier. Also, my Diet Coke from breakfast is now warm. That's sad.

So work is sending me to an off-site training class for two days in October. While I don't want to go (I don't want to go to the class at all, and I won't be happy with the extra work I get once I've had the training), part of me is glad for it. $900 probably isn't much to a company this size, but that they're spending it on me probably means that they've not got any immediate plans to fire me. Yes, this is a concern I pretty much always have. Yes, I have issues, many issues in assorted colors and flavors.

In November I'm getting a two week vacation. WOO WOO WOO! The first week my mother will be here, but the second week I get all to myself! (And it'll be used muchly to recover from the first week. :P) She likes to do stuff and see stuff all the time, while I like to spend my vacations just sitting around and sleeping eight hours a night. She's cool though, she makes compromises so that I don't fall over dead. We play a lot of board games, too. I think we played 40 or so hours of Uno last time she was here for a week...

I'm no longer getting cat-butt. She loves having a chair next to mine, and I pretty much touch her or talk to her constantly so long as I'm home. Last night she got that liquid flea stuff on the back of her head/neck, so now she's rather frantic. She grooms me like crazy as much as she can, I believe in hopes that I'll groom her back (she can't reach the spot I put it on). She almost licked the skin off my arm last night, I woke up and it was all red and irritated. I feel bad for her, but she's gnawing her fur off and getting scabs from itching, so I had to give her the flea stuff.

I still have a bag full of Japanese candy to deal with. I keep wanting to get another review up, but between photos, up/downloading, editing/resizing, and writing the reviews themselves, it takes 1.5-2 hours to get one online. I haven't had time for that lately, mostly because I've been RPing. Maybe sometime this week I can, if not then this weekend hopefully for sure. If nothing else, I'm tired of having to step over the bag all the time. :P
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