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Pizza Does Not Agree With My Neighbor

We got free pizza from the building's owner here at work. Free food is good. Free pizza is better. (Often times it's more like free Indian food or free, um, some other odd food, and I end up not eating any of it.)

So the guy who sits in the cube next to me wasn't going to go have any (he's from Elsewhere, and I suspect never had pizza before), but one of the people from his group brought him to get some.

Big mistake.

Very big mistake.

I thought he passed gas a lot before? Well it's insane now. Every time he coughs (which is often) there's a *ppppbbblttt*. When he talks on the phone *ffffwwwwoooottt*. He just blew his nose, and made sounds from both ends.

I've taken to tisking and sighing annoyedly when he does it. My only worry about the sighing plan is that someone might think that it's *me* who is doing it (the passing gas) and is sighing because I'm annoyed with myself or something.

If tisking/sighing doesn't do the trick, I might start throwing office furniture over the cube wall.

There's one little bright side to this: More and more of the company is finding out this problem. We had to fill out a little 'building/office/cube satisfaction' survey, and I mentioned him twice. Different people later came up to me and told me how bad/wrong that was, and that this grown man should know better.

Because really, he should.
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