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I love my friendsfriends list

You can find the most interesting things on it!

Shoot! I've just noticed that one of the wires on my push-you-up underwired bra has gone astray. Now I will have to spend the day with only one perky boob. (How has this happened? Where can it possibly have gone?)

I swear my cat is having orgasms over scented tissues. Eucalyptus scented tissues. I didn't mean to buy them, I picked up the wrong box, and he's moaning and pulling them out through the plastic slit of the box with his mouth. Or he was. I stopped him because it was just disturbing.

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I read back until skip=250 on my friendsfriends list, then got bored. I am once again impressed with how few posts like this one there are:
fuck. i just woke up. i'm supposed to open the bookstore in 9 minutes. i really need to shower. this isn't going to work.

also, i got my sword yesterday.

(No name listed to protect the lazy.)

Quality friends apparently make for quality friendsfriends. You nice folks have good taste in friends, which makes for an interesting read on friendfriends instead of that icky feeling of wading through a sewer AOL chatroom.
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