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The Fourth Wave

I spent my early morning reading the fourth wave. Oh, such good stuff!

* The Be Our Guest spoof had me giggling out loud.

* Sparrowhawk's The Tribute made me snicker as well, but it wasn't the humor that made me enjoy her story so much; I loved how the story was mostly dialogue, but that that totally worked. That's skill.

* I liked Telanu's IM conversation for the same reason as I did Sparrowhawk's. To pull off something with only dialogue and nothing else, you really have to have the characters' voices down perfectly. Even if one was drunk.

quidditch_god: you arecoming?

quidditch_god: thankyou.

quidditch_god: i am glad you are com

master_of_this_school: Don't thank me yet, Potter. I'm going to leave Hogwarts and Apparate to you. Please endeavour not to be covered in vomit.


* Morning-After Pill by Sushi. Other than the very disturbing image of naked Albus ("Headmaster", *twitch*!), I snickered through this whole thing. I'm trying to pick out the funniest lines, but I'm unable to pick just one or two. Lucius's and Black's (woof, woof, baby), Voldemort/Tom... Hee!

* Isis' A Mid-August Night's Dream had me giggling out loud through the whole thing. Luckily it's early, and not many people are here yet to hear me.

* BethH's Harry Potter and the Fanon Potions Master seemed to start the change in tone of the fest. I'm guessing it's on purpose that they got more serious after hers? Even though it was Fanon Snape and written in humor, I liked it for the love story as well. (Gods, does that mean I have bad taste in fics?) I like that whole 'Snape needs Harry so bad and is lost without him' thing.

* Prefatory by Isolde was easily my favorite one of the whole bunch. Snape interacting with the kitten... heck, this line:

"He's not coming yet," Severus said, less harshly as he wanted. "It's not time."

Almost broke my heart. Love her Snape/Harry.

* The pick-up lines were funny and disturbing. "stopper-in-every-bottle"... eek/hee!

"But didn't papa say that you're too big for a safe word now, hmm?"
The winter of 1995 that Draco then spent the next three years trying to self-Obliviate.

I feel the need to try that, too! :)

* Saltwater by Darkkitten. Snape/Harry at the ocean really works well. I'm not sure why, but it does. Liked this muchly.

Thanks to all you writers!

Okay, this turned out to be longer than I thought it would be. I guess I'll LJ-cut it.

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