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1) Spoke to my mother on the phone tonight. Explained how I wanted to go home to be with her (for her) if something happened to my grandmother (her mother). Explained why it'd be next to impossible, at least without hurting my cat. (She's on three meds a day and a chicken-only diet. Even if some kennel or the vet would let her stay there, she doesn't get vaccinations anymore so couldn't stay with other animals. This would also prevent her from going to stay with a friend who likes cats.) As a smaller part of why I didn't want to fly home, I hate flying. It's no fun for fat people. This would be an 11 hour trip, in a too-small seat and too-small place. I think heavy men have it easier in using airplane bathrooms than women do, too. Gah, I hate flying.

2) Played FFX for many hours tonight. Crappy day at work and all I wanted to do was play. It was great to come home and just sit down and play for a while, even if all I did was mostly level up. (I get lost *a lot*, so I often end up leveling up more than I intend to.) Auron learned Auto-Life, which will be handy. He picked it up mostly by chance, I used a Teleport Sphere to move him to Tidus's area so he could get some speed, but Tidus was two moves from Auto-Life himself, so. It'll be handy to have it on two people.

Need to shop tomorrow, need to get more chicken for Little Miss Kitty. She ate two chicken breasts in under two days, so I boiled the other four up tonight. At this rate, I'll need a lot more, so I might as well pick it up now while it's on sale.
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