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GIP, mostly.

Since I deleted the HP100 mod icon, I had room for a new one. And since the thistles are now ganging up on me, it seemed a fitting subject matter. So take this, tasty thistles! I have my eye on you! ;)

I feel bad, I haven't read a single HP100 drabble this week (except Isis', I think? If this week's was about the squid, then I read it. Otherwise I'm thinking about last week's). I wasn't going to write for this week, under the theory if I miss a week it'll no longer be bad if I miss a week, because I won't have written for every week, but now I'm twitchy. I really think about these things too much!

I'm so glad it's the weekend! Yay!

ETA: And by the way, I love air conditioning. It's still like 100 degrees outside, but I have it nice and cool in here. Yay! Another 100+ day tomorrow, too. Let's just hope that CA's electricity holds out!
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