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Holding Pattern

I've not been posting because my life is in something of a holding pattern.

Work, calling Maine a couple times a day to check on my grandmother, FFX.

Grandmother news isn't good, they're pretty much just making her comfortable until the end comes. If she "recovers", she'll just be hooked up to machines until... however people die when hooked up to machines that keep you alive. They're trying to ease her along, reducing fluids and other supports.

This makes me think of my own death a lot. The only thing that really worries me is that if I die when no one's around, no one will know and my poor cat will starve or die of thirst. We have a phone list set up on the MUSH, so hopefully if I don't log on for a few days people will call my emergency number and things will get set into motion. Wow, this is a depressing topic.

Even though I'm mostly just leveling up in FFX, I'm having a very enjoyable time of it. It takes my mind off things.

Work sucks, but that's not any kind of news. Weekend is finally almost here, four more hours to go. Hopefully it'll be an easy afternoon.
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