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Icons, M-Z!

maeglinyedi I feel strange for picking a hamster over pictures of naked men, but this really amuses me!

malecrit Hard to pick just one. Liked the Lockhart's pants one, as well as the H/D one, but she wins!


mctabby Because the 'Cornish Malfoy' icon scares me so much, I had to just pick one at random so that I could hit the back button!

milkthistle *snicker*

mymichelle 'Cause it's different!

neeteeus They're all in the same style, so I just picked one that amused me.

nopejr Because it's cute!

ntamara This animal looks like it really shouldn't exist -- it looks made up! Like a piece from Animal A and feet from Animal B and fur from Animal C...

peppygrowlithe Because picking the Growlithe would make you happy, and you *know* there's no way I'd do that! ;)

phoenix87 Very well made.

prillalar Mmm, mmm, good!

puella_deville Because 'trust me' combined with him is more scary than mctabby's 'Cornish Malfoy' icon. ;)

quasilemur You know, I've never, ever seen your other icons in use, but that's okay because I like the default one best!

rebelcoyote I've switched back and forth between the 'boots' one and this one a few times. 'Boots' is interesting to look at, but I like this one more I think. (Mmm, red hair!)

resonant8 *snickers lots*

rhoddlet Lots of pretty icons, but this one is beautiful!

rowanrhys The smile always makes *me* smile!

rushlight75 The eyes! The eyes!

seviet Oh, so hard to pick just one! (Eh, one icon, not one Weasley.)

shofixti This actually does remind me of you. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or not...


hamburger I may not like Lupin (yes, that Lupin this time), but this is the best 'My fandom...' icon I've ever come across.

sociofemme Mmm, hard to pick one. The text just fits so perfectly with the image on this one, so I'll have to go with it!

somniesperus A toss-up between Harry and Dumbledore, but Harry gets it because I love how the image is cropped. (Dumbledore's got a great expression though!)


stoptocheer Wow, all her icons are great! I need to be more daring in my cropping of images.


tersa I'm not really into hockey (which I think this is from?), but it's still a great image.

tiranog Nice and dark. Like the minimal coloring.

trickofthedark Mmmm. Allow me to repeat that: Mmmmm!

triplem 'Wulf! 'Wulf! That expression in the icon gets me every time.

miscellanny The word "Snupin" needs to be used more often.


webbapettigrew Well, at first I picked this because I thought it was peanutbutter, but now I think maybe it's babyfood! Eek! (I'm hungry, but I'm not that hungry!)

wikdsushi The idea of him saying "ne'er" makes me giggle.

ztrin I picked this one because the other two choices scared and confused me. :)

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