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Am I a freak?

Or just a non-pro coder?

I needed to make some new code tonight for the MUSH. Not the most complex stuff I ever made, but not just a couple simple commands strung together. However, the MUSH is down.

There's no reason I can't write code in a Notepad file, then paste it in when the MUSH comes up... but I can't work that way. I like to write it piece by piece, and make sure each piece works before adding it into the whole and moving on -- that way there's better chance that the whole thing will work at the end.

Bah. Nowadays there's so little call for me to code! I was excited to actually have something to do tonight. I know just how I want it to work, I just have to write the pieces and then put them all together...

(I realize I'm missing an "angry" icon. This is funny in that when I started making new ones, they all were angry ones, so I made other ones as well. Then I liked those other ones better, so I used those...)

ETA: There we go, new icon! Pirate kitty is gone, as much as I liked it. It was between the pirate kitty and the "men hugging" one, and there'd be more use for the hugging one.
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