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The day is done, thy will be done...

Thy will, my will, buy one Will get one free!

Included within: Tales from the laundry room, vegetarian Chinese food.

*thud* Dead Thistle.

Eight loads of laundry done in the last four hours. Walking back and forth, down the sidewalk, through the parking lot, down another sidewalk, to the laundry room, lugging pretty much most of the clothing I own.


Even at this time of night, it's too darned hot for this. (We got close to 100 again today, and it'll be hotter this weekend.) But...

My laundry is all done! Yay!

It was my biggest and almost only task to do this weekend, so it's good to have it done Friday night. Now I can just die the next two days -- just sit here and not move.


So I was craving Chinese, and wanted to try stir-fry, so I got some tonight. Lots of things, actually. "Harvest rolls" (seemed like spring rolls to me -- egg rolls with no meat), vegetarian potstickers (potstickers = dumplings, for east coast folks), and last was "Buddha's delight" -- veggie stir-fry.

Harvest rolls: Were okay, but since I ate them after the potstickers I was getting really tired of odd veggies. So I did what I used to do with normal egg rolls, back when I could eat them: Just dig out all the filling and eat the wrapper! Mmm, best part of it.

Vegetarian potstickers: Uuuuuuh. Okay, let me start out by saying this: Back before this whole veggie thing, I would not eat anything unless I knew exactly what was in it. I needed to know that I liked everything in something before trying it. But hey! That's pretty much over now. Lord knows what was in these, but I was going to eat them! And I did eat two of them. I believe they were muchly mushroom but with other stuff mixed in. It was impossible to tell, because everything was ground down to a tiny size. In truth, the filling looked like someone had chewed it well and then spit it into the wrapper. The taste was, at best, okay -- and oddly meaty (which seconds that suspect on mushroom). I scooped out the filling of the rest of them and just ate the wrappers. Mmm.

Buddha's delight - Luckily I started out trying this, as if I had left it until last I would have skipped it. I ate baby corn out of it (which I had had before), as well as some new things: asparagus (which was pretty good), and snow peas (big "eh"). Unfortunately the sauce they used in it was really too spicy for me to enjoy, so after a couple of bites I put it aside. It's in the fridge now; I have no idea how or if it can be heated up tomorrow, or if I'll want to.

Side note: PF Chang's (a chain upscale Chinese food place) has sucky as hell white rice. How can you make rice that smells bad? I always get it with my meals there, and every time it's inedible. It doesn't even clump together, like rice should. Sheesh.

So dinner wasn't too good on the taste end of things, but I tried my new stuff and found a veggie I seemed to like! Need to try asparagus again without a funky sauce so I can confirm that.

Now: Zzzz.
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