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So word is, news of Sir Fartsalot has reached one of the VPs of this company. He's talked to Fartsalot's manager, who has talked to El Capitan Farto himself.

And, surprisingly, things have been improving.

Instead of passing gas every five minutes or so, he only does it once or twice an hour now. You wouldn't think hearing 'fweeeet' or 'pooooot' twice an hour would be a good thing, but it's quite an improvement!

I also look forward to the end of this chapter with him so that I'll never have to use the word "fart" again. I feel like I'm in fifth grade...


Last night I had a dream that I was getting up for work, but I was too tired to get ready to go. Then my alarm went off, and not only was I too tired to get up and get ready, I felt like I already had forced myself to get ready once already this morning. Sheesh!


MY SHIFT KEY ON THIS KEYBOARD STICKS. I never know when it's going to get stuck and I'LL END UP TYPING IN ALL-CAPS. THEN I'll hit shift and it'll un-stick. Freaky, man.


So I didn't get to watch any new movies yesterday. HBO was showing the first HP movie again (woo!), so I watched that, then since I had time I watched the second one! Wheeeee!

I don't understand why people don't just glue pictures of Lucius Malfoy to their eyeballs so they can walk around all day just seeing him. Mmmm. (Well, so long as it wasn't a picture of him in that hat. Boy, that made me giggle! What in the world were they thinking when they put that on his head?)
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