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My computer will never bump into things in the dark...

Now and then, my cat loses a whisker or two. They just drop out and I find them on the floor or on my desk or on my pillow or wherever. I decided to stop throwing them out and tape them to the left and right side of my monitor. Really, I think this is one of the stranger cat-related things I've done. On the other hand, I may be the only person around with a whiskered monitor...

My kitty doesn't take guff from anything. This morning I had to dump some Draino into my tub (as oppose to dumping some Draco in, as I first typed). I have really, really long hair, so my drains get clogged a lot. I left it sitting there the instructed 15 minutes, then I turned the hot water on and let it run so that it would rinse it out. I guess I've not taken a really hot shower in a long time, because Miss Kitty started glaring up at the ceiling and growling. Following her stare, I looked up as well. Steam was rolling out over the top of the shower door, making visible, swirling clouds.

Well, she growled and snarled and lashed her tail at that steam, and eventually jumped up onto the counter to try to get closer to it. It's nice to know I'll always have her protection in case evil mist enters my apartment.

She's a fierce kitty in general, and she's not afraid to make her feelings known. Once when my mother came for a visit, she brought an Epilady (a buzzing thing to remove hair from one's legs). Oh boy, was that an unacceptable addition to the household! My cat glowered and growled, then would lightning-fast Bat!Bat!Bat! it. Eventually my mother gave up trying to use it.

This was actually going to be a post about food, not my cat. I think I just rambled on because I don't really want to talk about food. I'm being sucky and bad about stuff. (In fact, that's this week's theme. "I'm bad! Bad! Bad! I'm bad!" repeat, repeat, repeat.) Breakfasts have all been cereal, lunch has almost all been PB&J, and dinners are pizza or pasta, except last night when I actually made a dinner of french fries and onion rings. ("I'm bad! Bad! I'm bad! I suck! I'm bad! I'm bad!")

I still haven't tried those end-whatever (the soy beans). The date on the package says they're good until the 26th, but they're already looking a little off. Haven't made that banana squash, either. ("I'm bad! Bad! I'm bad! I suck! I'm bad! I'm bad!") Food is depressing me this week (or I'm just depressed and don't want to deal with food this week).

I actually got a work call at home tonight. A customer found my home number and called me at home. (I'm listed in the phone book, and live in the same town as the company, I'm guessing that's how he got it.) I am not on call after hours. The customer did this on his own. It almost made me cry.

But my cat is cute, and all of you people are funny and creative and good and nice, so I think I'll make it through this week. Unless a customer calls me at home again, then I'll have to give out my prison email address.
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