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The Great California Debate

So I made a fair and honest attempt at watching the debate last night. I lasted about 15 minutes, and only a third of that time was actual debating.

Things I've learned from it:

* This is the only debate Arnold Schwarzenegger will take part in, and it's the only one where they got the questions they'd be asked beforehand. Hm, so the actor is only comfortable with a "script"? How surprised are we? (And yes, I know it's not an exact script, but in knowing the questions ahead of time, you *can* be prepared, instead of just going on what you know.)

* I really, really dislike Arianna Huffington more and more every time she opens her mouth. "Oh, the illegal immigrants need more rights! Oh, we should stop taking advantage of the illegal immigrants! Oh, we should give them all drivers licenses and free schooling! Oh, and don't call them "illegal immigrants"!" Bah.

This debate really just continued the trend of this whole recall: There's no one running that I like, and the more I hear about the people who are running, the more I dislike them. I really hope the recall doesn't pass, then Davis can thumb his nose at the whole lot of these losers. Better we stick with a crook we know than some idiot we don't know.

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