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Lovely Friday Morning

I had a real scone for breakfast (mmm), and while eating it I read three intelligent essays by millefiori:

An analyst of Dumbledore.

Is (canon) Snape really ugly?

Is there any chance of real/canon Harry/Draco?

I've not been in very many fandoms, but Harry Potter is the first one I've been in that has such smart fans. I love how we can have intelligent, mature conversations about characters and storyline details. I love how even after being in the fandom for a half-year I can still discover wonderful new fans with interesting ideas. And, though I do little writing myself, I take pride in how other fan authors are so much better than the creator of our source material; we've improved on JKR's ideas, we've explained and covered or rewritten plot holes, we've taken one-dimensional characters and turned them into full, believable, real, complex "people".

I'm so proud to be part of this fandom.
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