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Gringotts has taken over Citibank

Since I needed to open a savings account, I went to the bank where I have a checking account: Citibank. One would have thought this would make it easier, as they already know who I am, have my proof of citizenship, all that stuff. Nope. I was a "new customer" and had to go through all the initial crap. This ate up my whole hour lunch break, plus more time.

But the arrival of the wizards made it all worth it.

I had to finish up the transaction at the counter (lord knows why it couldn't be finished at the desk area where we did everything else), when they walked in. Young men in robes. It took everything I had not to drop my wallet and paperwork, and pounce them to the ground and shake them and yell 'Take me back with you! I want to go! I can't stay here! Pllleeeeeease!'. But upon second look, I realized that they were just monks, not wizards.

Monks are cool, but they're no where near as cool as wizards.
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