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Stupid cat + stupid me = good drabble?

I've mentioned a couple times that my cat likes to eat string/thread/hair/etc. This is really really bad, as doing this almost killed her once before (she had to go in for emergency surgery and got part of her insides cut out to remove it). I attempt to keep all string/thread under lock and key, but it's impossible to totally prevent access to it all.

Last night Miss Kitty decided to eat a thread that came off a towel. I saw what she was doing, dived onto her, and forced her mouth open so I could try to pull it out. Would it surprise anyone if I said that she bit and scratched me? Nah, I didn't think so. Other than the fact that she was the one who decided to eat string, this was all my fault.

I doctored myself up last night (this happens a lot, alas), but it still hurts a little today. (The bite's not bad at all, but the scratches are annoying. No worries, I know cat bites are bad, but it's not deep at all.)

I didn't think about this as I was writing, but now I wonder if this event fueled this week's HP100 drabble. The topic is "the Room of Requirement" (that room in Hogwarts that will turn into anything you need it to be). I believe I've never written about this character before.

Title: Courage
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 100, per the counter.

He understood the nature of the message, if not the words themselves. "Stay here an' be good. Don't follow."

He plopped his butt down to wait. Sigh! What's there to do here? Nothing. Glance around. Maybe in there? He shouldered the door open.


Cats! A whole room full of 'em! Big 'uns and little 'uns and fat ol' toms and queens too old to move! And so many kittens!

He watched as the felines meowed to each other and stretched out, and he spotted not a single claw or tooth among them. With a brave bark, Fang charged into the room.


I'm not sure why I gave Fang's mental voice an accent/slang, but it seemed to fit. Oddly, this drabble has gotten more comments than probably my last four or five combined. I don't really understand that. I like this one fine, but I've liked others a lot more... Oh well, maybe I'll figure it out one day.

Also, I need a new default icon. I don't mind this one, but it's not good as a default one. Makes me feel like I'm being snarky all the time.

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