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Under my "pain shared is pain halved" theory, I'm going to share with you all the latest anime (Japanese animation) movie I watched.


To be fair, I was warned that this was a violent movie. Even though I have a copy of the censored/edited version of it, this was one of the most violent films I've seen... and in a bad way. As with Grave of the Fireflies, there was just nothing but darkness and violence and worse in this movie -- the whole *point* of the movie just seemed to be to kill people off as graphically as possible. Oh yeah, and for men to pee a lot and to have sex with little girls.

How about some screenshots?

As much as the killings bothered me, I had bigger issues with this movie. One of them was the amount of time they had men peeing in the bathroom. I mean really, who needs to see/hear that? Not just once, but twice in a 45 minute movie! (And I saved you from the image of a man wetting himself, the filmmakers showing the stain spreading across his crotch.)

The deaths were excessively violent (yes, we did watch half of his head get blown off, that's why he's missing it there), and incredibly bloody.

If I may inject a little humor here, I'm wondering if by watching this movie I'm giving the filmmakers a hand and helping them to get ahead in their jobs.

Back to the bad stuff: As I mentioned above, there's sex with a small child. Since this is (thankfully) the censored version, we didn't see the actual penetration (thankfully), but it was still graphic enough. This fellow is some high ranking police officer, and he also likes little girls (that's the main character). See the earring he gave her? It's full of her parents' blood. Oh, didn't I mention? They're dead, too. She saw them killed right before he started having sex with her. Yeah, nice.

Also, near the end of the film, a couple of cops talk about how hot the main character was when they first encountered her (she was maybe six or seven years old at the time), and how much they'd like to have had "a chance with her". What the god damned fuck are you thinking, Japan?

But almost as bad as sex with a little girl (mostly because it was just totally unnecessary, other than as a final slap to the face), is that the movie closed with the fact that a bunch of cats are going to starve to death. Really nice, filmmakers, thanks.

The only "plus side" (and very odd thing) to this movie is that the pedophile/cop had Jecht's (from FFX) English voice. There were some shots that made him look like Jecht, too. It was really odd.

I'd strongly suggest avoiding this movie. Even though at 45 minutes it was short, it was way way too long.
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