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Replacement for LJ friends-changes email, and Snape Bot

I know some folks on my flist were signed up for the 'email when friends list changes' service. When I learned that that was coming to a halt, my first intent was to make a little program to do the same thing. It'd be pretty darned easy, just fetch a copy of the page's source on a regular basis, and compare the newly gotten one with the last one, then alert if there's a different. (Which wouldn't be perfect, as it'd ping on things like interest changes, but that's no biggie.)

However, as I was looking for the exact name I'd need for a command in that program, I discovered that there were already other tools out there to do the same thing. Well, far be it from me to reinvent the wheel, especially when mine wouldn't be far from square!

TimelyWeb is the tool I downloaded and am currently using. It can be configured to alert you by sound, popup, or email when there's a change in whatever page you set it to watch. I'm still in the process of testing it out, but it seems good so far. Much better than the alternatives...


The Snape Bot is rather amusing. (Link snatched from piccolo_santo's LJ.)

You: Got milk?
snapeybot: No I require only death.
You: Aie! Don't kill yourself!
snapeybot: Tell me about your likes and dislikes? Very well. I shall try not to do it too much.
You: Well, once is probably too much...
snapeybot: What are you bloody well grinning about?
You: Um. The thought of you staying alive?
snapeybot: Er Do you think about these things a lot?
You: About keeping you alive? Well, yeah!


(The AI was just rambling on and not making much sense, so I took it in a different direction to see what else it was programmed to respond to.)

You: Dude, let's stop all the talk and make with the action. Wanna get it on, baby?
snapeybot: Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that. Don't call me "baby". Very well., I shall get it on .
You: Without me?
snapeybot: "Without your space helmet Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult" -- HAL.
You: You're going to get it on without me?
snapeybot: *Fixes you with a glare.*
You: Okay, okay! I know I'm a woman, sorry!
snapeybot: *Smirks slightly.*
You: Your smirk says it all...


You: How much do you love Harry?
snapeybot: Yes Pest Professor Severus Snape loves everyone and everything.
You: Do you love me?
snapeybot: Yes I love everyone.
You: Do you love Black?
snapeybot: that is really none of your business, now, isn't it.
You: Wow, that wasn't a 'no'...
snapeybot: What are you bloody well grinning about?
You: I'm not grinning! *I* don't like Black. Apparently I can't say the same of you.
snapeybot: *Eyes narrow dangerously*
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