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Rehabilitated dreams, Nazi heroes, and flashes of crotch

How's that for a post title?

I blame all of you people working on the Hogwarts, A Rehabilitated History project for my odd-as-hell dream last night. Lucius, Harry, Hermione, Myrtle, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Narcissa were doing some sort of live action RPG. They needed to get into a castle, and it turned out the key to get in was for Lucius to take off his pants. *facepalm* While Harry was trying to *ahem* get him out of his pants, Myrtle, Bellatrix, and Narcissa were rolling around on the grass, clawing at each other and then trying to suck on each other's bloody wounds. I woke up shaking my head.


Now, on a more serious note, for all the reasons there are for California residents not to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, how can anyone justify the one that came out yesterday? Schwarzenegger tried to get his autobiography published, and in it he said that Hitler was his hero. Yes, it was a while back (1975, I believe), but still! Between that and that he has admitted to fondling six women against their wills... how can anyone vote for him? How can he still be in the lead (by double digit points!) in the polls?

There was a line in CSI last night that pretty much summed up my opinion on such things. A former cop was going off on the CSI guy about how the jury can ruin their months of hard CSI-type work. I don't remember the exact wording, but this is the general idea: Do you really want to leave this decision in the hands of twelve people too stupid to get out of jury duty? Bah. More and more, I think this whole democracy idea just isn't a good idea. The majority of people in America are stupid as hell. We (usually) let the majority decide who will be in office (unless your name is Bush). Does no one else see the problem there?


Lastly, the whole crotch thing: I am very much not the type of girl who loves to go shopping for clothing, who loves to match things, who has a billion pairs of shoes and so can match the exact shade of them with the color of my handbag. The only thing I require of my wardrobe is a pair of pants that fit, and some sort of shirt. If I'm going to work, the shirt needs to be more than a t-shirt. And sneakers/underthings. That's all I need in life. I don't need designer boots, I don't need a cute hat. All I need is to have my various bits covered.

Most days, this isn't a problem.

Somehow, this morning I failed to notice* a rather large hole in my pants. The seam from my crotch down to mid-inner thigh had split. When getting out of my car to come into the office, I noticed a breeze and made a quick feel to my pants. Oops, skin. That's not good. Luckily I have a little sewing kit here at work, so I did a fast repair job. Unluckily, there was only enough thread for maybe three stitches, and no knot after the last one (eek). Hopefully it'll be good enough to hold.

* Yes, I do count myself as part of the "stupid majority".

So how was your morning?
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