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Client rec

I've been using LJ more than a year now, but I've always used their web interface to post. I know HTML, I don't need no steeenkin' fancy GUI to do things for me... but it turns out that they actually do more things than just insert IMG tags for you.

Semagic's latest client will download your entire LJ in HTML format (much, much, much, much better than LJ's backup system), and you can search your entire LJ, too! How handy is that? And it's much, much easier to go through your back posts with this client than with LJ's interface.

So if you're like me and have always avoided clients, you might want to give them another try. They address lots of the issues I/we have with LJ, but that LJ itself will likely never get around to fixing. (Example: It always annoys me that the time listed for a post is the time you *started* writing, not the time you hit the post button. This client will add the time it's sent to LJ, which just makes a whole lot more sense.)

Now I need breakfast. Waking up at 7 on a Sunday morning is just so wrong. No workers this morning, it was all the birds' fault. Chirp, chirp, scream, chirp.
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