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Blaise Zabini happens to be a half dragon genetically designed super soldier.

Summaries! Some silly and some odd, but most just plain bad.

* What would you do if you were a genetically designed super soldier? If you were expected to spend the first twenty years of your life in intense training? Would you escape? That's what Bryan did...just in time to receive his Hogwarts letter...

* Fenix finally woke up to find that she's having a fever and thought she would die with embarrassment when her partner or Snape refused her request to wash...

* Voldemort is back and romance is in the air.

* Okay, it's utterly random and pretty pointless as well, but I like it, so there.

* This is just an introduction. Here we meet all the characters, including Ron's cousin from America, Lana. Draco and Harry both fall in love with her

* Dumbledore has a Sound of Music fetish

* Serena is a bouncy friendly girl, full of life. She enjoys playing jokes and can do fifth year spells, even before she comes to Hogwarts for her first year. However she has one secret, which must be hidden at all costs.

* One lonely night after the Dark Lord's Defeat, Professor Snape decides he wants to have sex.

* Dumbledore has enlisted help from the American Order of the Dragon, a group which used Muggle science and magic to destroy the dark wizard Asmodeus. One will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher while the other member will be the one who defeated Asmodeus. He is a student Harry's age who also happens to be half dragon.

* Harry is 5 years old. Sirius and Remus are his guardians. Snape has come to stay with them on Dumbledore's orders, because the Death Eaters want to kill him.

* SPOILER WARNING: Takes place after Order of the Phoenix!
(I think I'd like to be spoiled for things happening after OotP...)

* Blaise Zabini isn't your average Slytherin. She's smart, she's loyal, and she wants to kick Voldemort's arse. Oh, and she's not human.

* Realizing that, to win Ginny Weasley's heart, he will have to make quite the spectacle, Harry Potter unleashes a previously non-existent alter-ego; the all dancing, all singing personification of a britpop heartthrob.

* Pittheus Arion, a Death Eater, find himself getting a little bored after Voldemort's return so decides to play a few pranks on him.

* Chapter One, Contraceptives.

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