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There's not a day that goes by without LJ problems. I shouldn't have renewed my paid membership, but the idea of moving onto "slow" servers scares the poopoo out of me. (If what I'm experiencing is "fast", then "slow" must be 'an LJ employee shows up at your house and stabs your cat in the eye'.)

tiranog, for lord knows what reason, I cannot post a comment in your LJ. It acts like it goes through, but it never really shows up. I can successfully post comments in other LJs (and they even show up!), so I think there's something odd going on.

For my reply, I can pretty much say "what hp_femme said".

When I grudgingly gave in and read the first book, it was Snape who grabbed my attention and who kept me reading. I didn't much like Harry from the get-go, but Snape and some of the other characters crawled into my head and wouldn't get out.

I like Snape for much the same reason I like Filch: Neither is a "pretty" man, neither is nice or fun or kind on the surface. But both have reasons for how they are today, dark and sad reasons.

I've always had the poor relationship-judgment of wanting to fix people, and I'm sure that applies here. I get the same feelings for Snape and Filch: I just want to hug them and hold them until they feel all better inside and can get on and have a happier life after that. Since I can't do it myself, I get my fix of fixing through fics. (Say that five times fast.)

And if the comment eventually shows up in your LJ multiple times, I'm sorry. Feel free to delete at will.
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