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What does Google think of you?

Google doesn't think I'm overly interesting:

Googlism for: thistle-chaser
thistle-chaser is possibly saying
thistle-chaser is lost

My MUSH gets a little better results:
Googlism for: pokemush
pokemush is the best
pokemush is working to make this the best pokemon experience you can find on the net
pokemush is a place to role
pokemush is to provide the highest quality rp around

sly is laid to rest and remembered (Aie! Not yet!)
sly is enough of a kitten that her purrsonality (Cat-like is okay, but he's male!)
sly is archbishop of the eastern province and the diocese of the potomac... (Snicker. Not.)
sly is the bastard son of a whore (Literal bastard, yes.)
sly is on a mission to get it back
sly is prepared to seek revenge (Works.)
sly is considered the most intense of wolf (Totally works.)
sly is a character i've been working a story around lately (Wow.)
sly is tricked into believing that he is really a wealthy english lord that has been out of his mind for 15 years (Snicker)
sly is more of a stealthy guy rather then a fighter (True dat.)
sly is a duck and has wings (True dat... Not!)
sly is still shrewdly trading on the aura of his most famous character
sly is actually a man of modest endowment (Hey!! The girls don't seem to mind!)
sly is taking on the team is married to his former wife and you have yourself not one but two love triangles with (Is taking on the team? Does this mean he's a traitor?)
sly is the latest in a long line of master thieves
sly is in deep financial trouble with the local crime ringleader
sly is disgusted by the "antics" of some eldery surfers that are in town and he lets them know it
And the best for Sly: sly is a fox and tricky is he

Sly is a fox, and tricky is he. Yes indeedy!
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