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Default icon meme

I spotted this in rushlight75's LJ, and it looked like it'd be fun to try.

The challenge:
write a snippet, drabble or ficlet based on your current default icon. no changing it! the one that's default as you read this. just write it as it comes; no beta-reading or mulling over. any fandom or no fandom at all, doesn't even have to match the fandom of your icon, just them general theme/feel/caption/etc of it.

I used my default icon on this post, so you could see what it is.


Subject: Out sick today
Date: 8 Oct 2003 13:06:28 -0700


I know the whole team was planning to be in early this morning (as we've been doing all month), and that it was going to be a late night tonight as well...and no, I'm not upset that we're working both weekend days again this week -- I understand that this is an important project for the company! But unfortunately, I have to call in "sick".

I know, I know, I was healthy when I left last night- eh, I guess I should say "I was healthy when I left this morning", huh? We didn't get out of the office until what? 1:30? 2 in the morning?, and I'm still feeling fine now, but something's... happened here today. It's hard to explain, and I'm not even sure if I should be calling the police or not:

Somehow, every pair of dress pants I own has been slashed to ribbons! And my shirts? The same thing! And I can't even find my shoes at all. (Who would break in to do these things?? Why? And how? The windows were all still closed and locked!) "So come in in casual clothing" you say, right? That's what I thought to do, too.

Once dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (and bare-footed, heh), I went out to the driveway, only to find my car had four flat tires! How strange is that? Maybe my place is haunted or something (ha ha). ...oh, I have to end this now. Puss is meowing at me to go feed her or pat her or something. I'll email you if I get more news!

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