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A Moving Wednesday

So I got moved into a new cube today. Yay! Not only am I two down from Mr. Gassy, it's also now harder for people to sneak up and get behind me.

I'm really glad for the move and it had to be done, but there's a small downside/hard thing. I knew it was going to happen though: What to tell people when they ask me why I moved such a short distance? No one ever switches cubes, the only exception being when they move some group of people to another area.

So when people asked, I told them the truth. However, when Mr. Gassy asked, I told him a lie. I don't like lying to people, but I really didn't want to 1) hurt his feelings, or 2) explain to a 50 year old man why constantly passing gas in public isn't acceptable. I shouldn't feel bad about this, but I'm worried he figured out the truth (or overheard it, or someone told him) and that he'll be hurt.

Perhaps I should have lied to everyone, but the lie was a poor one (I said that the lighting was better here than in my old cube. It's the same everywhere!). So my choices were to tell everyone the truth, or to tell an unbelieveable lie. Sigh.

Mr. Gassy is a nice fellow, other than the whole smell/noise/blech issue. I hate that I might have hurt him, but it had to be done.
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