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Three ficly thoughts.

#1: To Rec Or Not To Rec:

Earlier this week, mctabby posted a rec for The Broken Victory by Kate Lynn. Riddlefic. I spent most of this week reading it, 5-10 hours a day, starting day number four this morning. Follow's Tom's life from young boy in the orphanage through all of his years at Hogwarts. It's good enough and interesting enough that I actually look forward to going to work in the morning so I can keep reading it.

So what's the problem with reccing it? Two big ones. First, the grammar/typing/spelling ranges from 'bad' to 'pretty darned sucky'. To/too issues, bad ellipsis..................................abuse, etc. Not bad enough to make me stop reading, but bad enough that I'm really sad that her great story is so hurt by the lack of a good beta. The second thing is less frequent, but worse. Good-sized plot holes. In one scene, young Tom gets beaten up by a gang of kids. Lots of them, many older than him. Breaks some ribs, all that. A minute or two later, he's up and running faster than he ever ran before, apparently with no effects from the beating. In another example, he gets called out of class to talk to the headmaster, and upon leaving is told that it's bedtime and he should go straight back to the dorms since it's not a good time to be wandering the halls. And a third: He walks into a new town, and by "chance" the first person he meets tells him exactly totally everything he needs to know.

So it's a troubling decision. The story is great and has kept me reading it for days, but there's so much wrong with it I feel like I can't honestly recommend it... but that makes no sense because I'm loving it. I could rec it with a warning about the grammar and holes, but that doesn't feel like it'd be a strong enough warning. So I'm stuck.

#2: Hagrid/?, Albus/?, Crabbe and Goyle/?

I've noticed a trend. In merry_smutmas, writers and artists can request fics for the holiday season. They list things they'd like to see in the story, things they'd like not to see in it, and other assorted things. Again and again, I'm seeing three (or four) people listed as 'OH GOD NO!'. Hagrid, Dumbledore, and 'Crabbe and Goyle' (I count them as one). Now not wanting Dumbledore slash I can understand (twitch), but I don't get the other two.

On Hagrid, is it that he's not smart? Or his accent? (I don't want to ask 'Is it that he's not sexy?', because most of the HP characters would have to answer 'yes' to that.) I've never hunted down fics about him, but I wouldn't run the other way from Hagrid slash. Is it a size/logistics issue?

Same questions for Crabbe and Goyle. I understand they're not beautiful people, and they're not overly smart (okay, they're dumb as posts), but I'd think their loyalties and backgrounds could make for interesting situations. And same as Hagrid: I've never went looking for fics about them, but I'd certainly read one and give it a try if I came across one.

#3: Hats Off (Pants Off?) to gmth!

You rock, Gina! merry_smutmas is a wonderful idea, and I'm having a great time even just reading all the requests. I can't wait for the stories and art to be posted! Thanks for all your hard work on this. You're a great person to set it all up.
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