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Yay! That makes things much better!

After spending the day puttering around and not doing much (too much Animal Crossing, and about ten eps of Get Backers), we finally get to something really good! The HP (SS) movie is on! Yay! It's the silliest thing that I get excited when it's on TV, since I own the DVD and all, and I've seen it a zillion times, but even just hearing the music makes me happy! Maybe I'll watch CoS after this, just cause two HP movies in one night would be twice as good!

Hey, all you gaming people: Is this person from one of the Final Fantasy games? I watched the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2, and all but drooled on my keyboard when he came onto the screen. (The picture doesn't do him justice, he moves wonderfully.)

T minus one month until my mother comes out. I really should start my massive cleaning campaign tomorrow. Too bad I'm such a lazy bum!
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