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One nation, under god...

I'm really confused about something -- or rather, I'm not seeing where the confusion is:

What's the reason for arguing for leaving "under god" in the Pledge of Allegiance? Even if you say 'Well, it doesn't mean the God, it could be any god!', it's still wrong. Separation of church and state, anyone? Why has this gotten all the way to the Supreme Court? Why is there debate about this at all? (I'm asking these questions ignoring insane people like that judge who refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his courthouse; let's just consider logical, rational human beings in this. Edited to add: Wait, maybe that's the problem...)

I have issues with the Pledge in general (we're making little kids who don't even understand the meaning of what they're saying repeat it over and over) -- not to mention that the Pledge isn't even true. "Liberty and justice for all"? HA HA HA. Nice idea there, but let's see it in action. However, since I no longer have to say it and I have no kids, I'm willing to let my other protests go unargued, everything except the 'under god'.
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