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Chickenless Chicken Nuggets

I wanted to use the actual product name as the subject line of this post, but I was too lazy to get up and go to the kitchen to check it, so I Googled for it. Would you believe that doing a search for 'trader joe chicken nuggets' gives my LJ as the second result? That's rather odd.

And so were the nuggets!

Okay, not really. If I hadn't known they weren't really chicken, there's no way I would have ever guessed. Upon opening the bag, (thanks to my Japanese candy training) the first thing I did was take a sniff to see what they smelled like. Exactly like chicken nugget smell.

So I baked up a few of them (and had to give them longer than the bag said, because they were still cool to the touch after the recommended 8-10 minutes), and put them on my plate. They were a little heavier than chicken nuggets would be, but if I hadn't been looking for differences, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Now at this point, you have to understand that there are two voices in my head. One said 'They look right and smell right, and other people said they taste just like chicken nuggets. You cannot throw them away without at least trying one.' Reasonable. But the other voice in my head was screaming 'NEW! NEW! IT'S GOING TO BE GROSS! DON'T EVEN TAKE A BITE!'. But I can't really afford to dismiss something that will not only give me more meal choices, but a high-protein option at that, so I tried it.

They even looked like chicken inside the coating; it was really amazing. Since I was looking for differences, I picked up in a really tiny little difference in taste, but if someone had handed them to me without saying what they were, I wouldn't have noticed it. (But still, even after I tried one and decided I liked them, that voice was still going 'THROW THEM OUT! ARE YOU INSANE? IT'S NOT REALLY CHICKEN! IT'S SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT! IT'S GROSS!'.)

Some sort of dipping sauce would have made them perfect. I put some sweet and sour sauce on them and that made them totally passable as chicken -- I couldn't tell any difference at all except in weight.

I'll be buying them again, even though that other voice is still calling me insane for planning to do so.
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