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The rabid fangirls of rabid (were)wolves.

Bored, I've been reading my friendsfriends list a whole lot today. People (with Sirius/Lupin icons, I've noticed) are going insane about the reports saying that the movie Lupin will be transforming monthly into a nine-foot tall scary beast. They're quoting the books to "prove" Lupin in fact turns into a normal sized/shaped wolf, just a little rabid around the edges.

WHAT?! What part of WOLF don't they understand???? Lupin does not turn into some freaky half-human two-legged walking beast! He turns into a werewolf. Have they NOT read the books???

Now, other than them wanting the whole Padfoot/Moony angle, I don't get this argument. 1) If he was turning into just a normal wolf and not some monster, don't you think JKR would have mentioned that in the books? Since "tall, two-legged, hairy monster" is the werewolf norm, if it was something different wouldn't that get a mention? But the more important is: 2) JKR has a big hand in all of the movies, does she not? She approves the scripts, she's on-hand, etc. Her book-writing has been delayed by the amount of time she put into working with the movies. If she did not want Lupin to be the monster kind of werewolf, think she'd just shrug, say "meh", and wander off to hit on Alan Rickman?

Bah. Take a chill-pill, ladies.
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